Program Evaluation

Let’s dig deep and identify your best work.

Program evaluation doesn’t have to be a dirty word

We get it. You have a TON of data and not near enough time to review, let alone evaluate it. To add insult to injury, when someone mentions program evaluation it’s usually in the same breath as “are you really making an impact?” *insert condescending tone here*. We want to change that for you. Our program evaluation techniques are about identifying and highlighting what’s going well. Let’s identify where you do your best work so you can do more of that, and less of the other stuff.

Community Data Analysis and Needs Reports

  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting of community needs, field trends, and systems mapping.

Program Evaluation

  • Deep dive and comprehensive reporting on program data to showcase the impact you make.

Organizational Assessment

  • Evaluation of the outputs, outcomes, and impacts of an organization across programs.