Capacity Building

Let’s bring that great idea to a reality.

Not only is Kasey kind, compassionate and communicative, she is also intelligent, professional and highly skilled in a multitude of areas.

– Ann Merrifield, Big Brothers Big Sisters

A little planning can go a long way.

We know from experience that it’s hard to think about the next steps and your future plans when you’re busy putting out today’s fires. We’ll help you build a roadmap for success that uses all your best assets and makes it just a little easier to take that next step.

Program Evaluation Planning

  • Outline of program or service outputs, outcomes, and potential impacts
  • Identification of assessment methods and indicators of success
  • Creation of a system for data collection

Policy & Process Development and Review

  • Creation or revision policies and processes to improve the effectiveness of your agency

Strategic Planning

  • Guides organizations in developing clear and effective roadmaps for the future that ensures purposeful growth and meaningful impact.

One-on-One Strategic Coaching

  • Coaching sessions to help you get from where you’re at to where you want to be through a strengths based, goal oriented approach.