Four strategic services, one priority: your growth.

How can we help build your organization’s capacity?

We know that organizations and their leaders have a lot on their plates. They have big dreams of making a meaningful impact for their clients and our community. To make this enormous task a reality, they often could use someone with expertise to walk along side them. Unfortunately, whether it’s a new project, program, or organization, there are few places they can turn to for help.

Sound familiar? There’s good news.

Partner for Better offers an affordable, local option for organizations to build their capacity. We provide a strengths based, custom approach to working with clients and have expertise in leading strategic organizational growth, communicating impact, and developing organizational processes. With our support small organizations and start-up initiatives can solve many of their primary challenges and do more GOOD.

Increase your Funding

With an extensive history of finding and securing grant funding we’ll help you identify prospective funding opportunities, develop letter of inquiries & grant proposals, and revise and edit grant language so you have more resources to meet your goals. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Identify potential funding opportunities
  • Develop letter of inquiries & grant proposals
  • Revise & edit grant language

Evaluate your Outcomes

You know you’re doing a good job (and we do too!)- but when was the last time you really took a look at the numbers? Program evaluation is an important tool to understand where you’re providing rockstar programs, and where you could use a little help.

  • Data Analysis
  • Outcome Measurement
  • Program Evaluation

Support your Team

One of the most important things you do as an organization is to invest in your people. By prioritizing holistic practices and fostering a positive work environment, we empower individuals and teams to thrive.

  • Life Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Team Building
  • Yoga

Expand your Impact

Are you ready for a new endeavor? Together we can bring your vision to a reality. From building new programs, policies, and frameworks, refreshing old ones, and supporting you through one-on-one coaching, we’ll be there for you every step of the way as you build your capacity.

  • Program Evaluation Development
  • Policy & Process Development and Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • One-on-One Strategic Coaching