Rates & Fees

Services for all.

We’re highly committed to providing rates and fees that are accessible for organizations of all sizes.

What rates do we charge?

We consider your budget, organizational structure, mission, and other potentially relevant factors. The majority of our organizational consulting services are offered at rates that consider both the project value and where the organization falls within our sliding scale model.

Some of the factors that impact how we determine our rates include:

  • Organizational budget and history
  • Makeup of organizational leadership and how it compares to the communities it serves and impacts
  • Organization mission, program design, and interactions and relationship with community.
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Our lowest rates are provided to:

  • Smaller and lower-resourced organizations
  • Grassroots organizations
  • Newly established organizations
  • Organizations with majority leadership who are BIPOC 
  • Organizations led by members of the communities it serves and impacts
  • Organizations whose work is focused on disrupting status-quo

Higher rates are asked of:

  • Large and established institutions
  • Organizations who receive substantial funding from large established foundations, legacy funding entities, or government resources
  • Educational institutions such as universities
  • For-profit companies or corporations
  • Organizations with leadership or hierarchical structures that mirror historical institutional inequities and wealth gaps. 

The majority of organizations we work with fall somewhere in the middle. We use a matrix that takes into consideration all these factors to decide our rate. We invite our clients to share factors that could impact where they fall on our scale as we determine the final project rate.

Free resources

Is your budget $0.00? No worries, we have resources for you too.

Free trainings

“Like us” on social media to see what we have coming up. About once a quarter we do a free training open to anyone! Both virtual and in-person, we discuss a wide array of topics including all of our core services: grant writing, program evaluation, strategic planning, and organizational storytelling!

Free information & connections

We’re passionate about reducing barriers to access information and connections. Check out our blog for a lot of tips, templates, and so much more! We are also more than happy to do a free, 30 minute consultation. In that consultation, we can connect you to other resources and good collaborators, send you any free resources we have, and discuss what we might be able to do, even with a very small budget.

Regardless of your budget size, we want to help your organization do more good. Please reach out, you’ll probably be surprised how much we can help you achieve with a small budget.

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