Partner for Better Foundation is HAPPENING!

Exciting news and other notes from Kasey this month.

We’ve had the idea from the very beginning that we’d start a nonprofit to provide even lower cost sliding scale fees than we currently provide. I (Kasey) recently had the opportunity to pitch Partner for Better at Mizzou’s Entrepreneur Quest Pitch Competition and we won crowd favorite and moved on to the next round!

With that came a $1,500 prize. As soon as we won, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it: the first donation to launch our foundation. Our hope is to get things off the ground in the next year in a big way. For now, I just wanted to share our small win and tell you how excited we are to be taking this step. I can’t wait to serve you and the rest of our communities in this new and increasingly accessable way.

P.S. have any great name ideas for the foundation? Services you’d like to see other than these? Send them our way (:

Other things on my mind

Wow oh wow. I feel so strong about this I made it a blog post: I am FEELIN the love. I asked if a few friends could show up to support me at my business pitch and I just can’t even put into words how much it mean to me that so many of you came to be a part of this journey. I am deeply grateful for each of you that let us help you meet your dreams, and I feel the love back when you show up to help me meet mine. I want to give that back over and over again with this foundation.

Also, the organizations we partner with have had SO MANY big wins this month, it’s been good feels all around. Every time they gain a new donor, make a breakthrough on a strategy, or hear their nonprofit status was approved, I do a literal happy dance- because it feels like a win for me and our community too.

I won’t go to far with the typical holiday well wishes messages, but I do want you to know I’m thinking about each of you and hope you feel as loved and supported as you make me feel every day. I think the world can always use a little more love and kindness, and I love love love it when I feel that energy around this work through the big and little wins.

Keep up the hard work, I’m here cheering you on

-Kasey Hammock