Mission & Values

Our Mission

We create nurturing spaces for learning and vulnerability that builds the wholeness of individuals, nonprofits, and communities.

Core Values

Radical Love: We wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate the inherent worth, value, and lived experiences of every individual, fostering an inclusive space where all feel valued, heard, and included.

Fun: We recognize the importance of joy and playfulness in the well-being of individuals and communities.  We prioritize creating spaces where fun is cherished and encouraged as an integral part of the work.  

Equity: We actively challenge systems of oppression, reject all forms of racism, and intentionally utilize our privilege to advocate for everyone to have a voice that is heard, a seat at the table, and an equal opportunity to thrive.

Commitment to equity, inclusion, and anti-racism

We recognize and celebrate the inherent worth and diversity of every human being. Embracing our imperfections and messiness, we understand that each person brings unique perspectives, talents, and experiences that enrich our collective journey. We firmly reject any form of prejudice or racism, including the harmful notion of perfection.

With an unwavering commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, we actively challenge systems of oppression and leverage our privilege to advocate for positive change. We understand that true equity is not achieved by simply providing a seat at the table, but by actively dismantling barriers and creating an environment where everyone’s voice is heard, respected, and valued.

We strive to create a nurturing space for learning and vulnerability, where all individuals, regardless of their background or identity, can thrive. We are dedicated to continuous self-reflection, education, and improvement, as we recognize that anti-racist practices require an ongoing journey of growth and transformation.

Together, we embrace the power of radical love to foster a community where equity, inclusion, and anti-racist values permeate all aspects of our work. By standing united against racism and working towards a more just and equitable society, we aim to create lasting positive change for individuals, nonprofits, and communities alike.

How we demonstrate these values

Radical Love

  • Active Listening: We dedicate the time and effort to truly understand the unique challenges, goals, and aspirations of our clients and community partners. Through attentive listening, we ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed with empathy and understanding.
  • Cultivating Relationships: We engage with others with a genuine sense of care and concern, valuing their humanity and honoring their individuality. By fostering authentic connections, we create an environment where trust and collaboration can thrive, leading to meaningful and impactful outcomes.
  • Valuing the “Mess”: We embrace imperfections and celebrating the beauty of being human. We encourage everyone to show up as their whole selves in every interaction. We challenge perfectionism and create space for individuals to prioritize their well-being and honor their needs. By supporting personal growth and allowing for adjustments in work expectations and goals, we cultivate an environment that values authenticity and self-care.


  • Paid Fun Time: We recognize the importance of fun and prioritize it within our organization. We compensate our team for all the time they spend engaging in activities that bring joy, including attending weekend retreats, participating in happy hours, and being present at nonprofit events. By acknowledging and valuing the significance of fun, we create a work culture that encourages a healthy work-life balance and fosters overall well-being.
  • Being Silly: Infusing fun into everything we do is a part of our daily practice. In every class, interaction, and meeting, we ask ourselves, “How can we make this more fun?” We actively incorporate moments of silliness, take breaks, and embrace laughter as an integral part of our work. By infusing joy and playfulness, we cultivate an atmosphere that inspires creativity, boosts morale, and encourages a positive and engaging work environment.
  • Gratitude: We extend radical love by holding space for others to experience joy. We show up for our clients and community, offering gifts of gratitude and celebrating their moments of joy. By acknowledging and appreciating the accomplishments and milestones of others, we contribute to a culture of support, encouragement, and celebration.


  • Sliding Scale Rates: We promote equity by offering sliding scale rates based on an organization’s budget, structure, mission, and other relevant factors. This approach ensures that our services are accessible and affordable to organizations with varying resources. Learn more here.
  • Free information & Connections: We believe in sharing knowledge and fostering connections to promote equity in the nonprofit sector. Our blog provides a wealth of free, useful information, including tips, templates, and insights. Additionally, we offer free 30-minute consultations to connect organizations with other resources and potential collaborators, further enhancing access to valuable networks and opportunities.
  • Community Investments: We actively prioritize community investments in our day-to-day operations. This includes sourcing supplies from small and minority-owned businesses, contributing to their growth and sustainability. Furthermore, a majority of our profits are donated to grassroots organizations, ensuring that our work directly supports initiatives that advance equity and social justice in the communities we serve.

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