End of Year Reflections for 2022

Just wanted to write my quick thoughts before the holiday whirlwind to let you know you made my year better that I could ever have dreamed. I have a lot of people to be grateful for: my team, Sarah, Jessica, and Lauren; my family and friends; and our incredible communities. Most of all I’m grateful for … Read More

Kasey standing in front of a big screen with Partner for Better's Logo at Mizzou

Partner for Better Foundation is HAPPENING!

Exciting news and other notes from Kasey this month. We’ve had the idea from the very beginning that we’d start a nonprofit to provide even lower cost sliding scale fees than we currently provide. I (Kasey) recently had the opportunity to pitch Partner for Better at Mizzou’s Entrepreneur Quest Pitch Competition and we won crowd … Read More

woman wearing ball cap sitting at dest writing

Why I started Partner for Better

Partner for Better is more than just a business to me. To understand how I got here, I’d like to tell you a short story of my relationship with the word “why”. If you ask my parents, they will probably tell you I asked them “why” more than the average child. From a toddler to … Read More