About Us

Our Mission

Partner for Better creates nurturing spaces for learning and vulnerability that builds the wholeness of individuals, nonprofits, and communities.

Core Values

Partner for Better’s values are the cornerstone of our approach. Guided by Radical Love, we deeply honor the inherent worth and diverse experiences of every individual, creating an inclusive space where voices are heard and all are valued. Embracing Fun as an essential element, we infuse joy and playfulness into our work, recognizing its vital role in personal and communal well-being. Our commitment to Equity drives us to challenge systems of oppression, stand against racism, and use our privileges to advocate for equal opportunities and representation.

These values, woven into every facet of our services, enable us to foster a culture of holistic growth, collaboration, and positive change within individuals, nonprofits, and communities. Learn more here

Our Team

At Partner for Better, our team is a dynamic mix of skills and talents, coming together with a common goal of driving positive change in the nonprofit world. Our Co-Conspirators, Kasey Hammock, Sarah Smith, and Jessica Macy, bring a diverse set of experiences to the table. From strategic planning to data analysis, program management, and community engagement, our combined expertise covers all the bases. Working together, we provide well-rounded solutions that create real impact for organizations, people, and communities.

Learn more about each of our Co-Conspirators and their profound impact in the nonprofit sector here.

Our Services

At Partner for Better, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to empower nonprofits, individuals, and communities. With a strong foundation in strategic planning, program evaluation, data analysis, and capacity building, our team is dedicated to fostering growth and positive change.

Whether it’s securing funding through grant acquisition, measuring program impact and effectiveness, enhancing organizational capacity, providing wellness and professional development, or offering strategic communications and training, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

We are committed to creating nurturing spaces for learning, collaboration, and transformation that lead to lasting success and meaningful outcomes.

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