About Sarah

A little bit about me.

I’m Sarah Smith, and I deeply believe that nonprofits, from the very large to the extra small, are the key to a happy and effective community all around us.

Sarah Smith

Sarah has worked in non-profits for more than 30 years, starting as a volunteer in high school. With a passion for service driving every aspect of her work and a Master’s in Public Affairs with an emphasis in Public Policy Analysis, Sarah has had a successful and diverse career in the nonprofit field. She has worked in all levels of organizations from volunteer to administration and served many roles including grant writer, program evaluator, full-time youth sports coach, chief financial officer, human resources coordinator, web designer and a therapeutic horseback riding instructor.

In addition to being a co-conspirator for good with Kasey, Sarah currently oversees the BID community data dashboard in partnership with the Institute of Public Policy at the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs. Her very favorite thing in the world is teaching therapeutic horseback riding at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center, which she has done for more than 20 years. With each experience, Sarah has gained critical insight into how to help nonprofits do what they do best: Serve the community.

Some of her highlights include:

  • Writing over 2 million in funded grants as part of a grant writing team
  • Teaching hands-on grant research and writing classes to 250+ graduate students
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive program evaluation for nonprofit agencies
  • Overhauling and managing organizational budgeting
  • Contributing to large scale, stable organizational growth
  • Organizing meaningful data collection, analysis, and user-friendly result dissemination in nonprofits of all sizes

Who she is as a human.

Sarah lives on 7 acres north of town in a house she and her husband are building all by themselves. They share the in-progress space with their two young children, three cats and two elderly dogs, while also maintaining a large garden, 42 fruit trees and running a successful small business in the music industry. You’ll find Sarah going on little adventures all over mid-Missouri with the kids in tow, checking out all her community and state has to offer. Or you might find her down by the river listening to live music on a warm weekend.

Sarah deeply believes that nonprofits, from the very large to the extra small, are the key to a happy and effective community all around us. By supporting the mission of these organizations with tangible help, we can make our whole world better.

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